RESOLUTIONS || 2016 vs. 2017

Another year has passed, and 2016 was so sweet that I don’t know how 2017 is going to be any better. A week into the new year, it is time to take a look at my resolutions of 2016 and to present my resolutions for this coming year.


Northern lights: CHECK

I left to Finland exactly one year ago! Crazy how one year has already passed. Since I was eight the northern lights were on my bucket list, but I knew this would be the year I actually got to check it off!

 Traveling: CHECK

I think traveling is another one that I can check! I traveled all over Finland, went to lapland, Israel, went back to Finland for a week, Austria and Paris. 

Adventure more: CHECK

Living in Finland certainly helped to get out more. I learnt that I love to do things that give a kick and release adrenaline. Hiking, skiing, XC skiing (!), wandering around forests. That is what makes me the happiest and what makes me feel alive. I learnt to love snow and ice, skating and walking on it (not when thaw is happening tho). 


  • Travel more and more and more
  • Find myself and what I am passionate about even more
  • Go back to Finland
  • Do more things that scare me
  • Seek the Lord more

I can tell these are resolutions that include the word more in it, meaning it is what I am already doing, yet want to excel in it even more. So in principle this year consists of do more of what makes you happy. A year focusing on me.

Did you make resolutions for twenty-seventeen?

Love, Jess   Insta

P.s i just found out that these are the first resolutions I have written in the past 7 years that do not include finding my s/o and losing weight. Yay me! 



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