PSA: summer has arrived



I’d think if you would ask a person what their favorite season is, Summer will probably be the answer (unless you live in the desert). And what is not to love about Summer? Catching up on vitamin D, getting tan, long summer nights. But also the season for camping out, traveling to foreign places and go swimming outdoors. When the first warm air hits during spring, after a long and wet winter (and fall) it’s like the world becomes a better place. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing the birds chirp, seeing the cherry blossoms light up the skym and eating my first s’more of the season.


The next two months will consist of finishing up the semester and traveling all over Europe. Camping out under the stars surrounded by the Alps catching up with friends who I haven’t seen in a while. What are your plans for this summer?

Love, Jess



the mountains are calling


Wow, time flies when having fun, or in this case being really active. And time goes way too fast, because I am not ready to go back home, where everything is flat. No running creeks, no snow fields, no green meadows, and not being allowed to sing ”the hills are alive”. All good things must come to an end, and so this hiking trip. It’s been an amazing journey, and we could not have made it any better. It is time to go back to reality, to bad world news, concerning politics and soon going back to college. But for now I am enjoying the pictures I got to take and the renewed energy, both physically, mentally and emotionally. Feel free to stalk me on instagram. Continue reading “the mountains are calling”

I LOVE THE ALPS (part 1)

What an inspiring (and active) couple of weeks it has been! You don’t go to the mountains to sit on your but all day and enjoy the view. No, you climb to the top and feel like you can conquer anything that life throws at you. Many moments I was standing in awe of what is created and I get to witness with thanksgiving.

We went around from hut to hut, but started with one easier hike to get used to the high altitude and getting in a better shape. When you think you have an alright stamina, this pretty much disappears when being in the mountains and dealing with the thin air. The pictures below show our first hike, which lead to a beautiful cottage where we got to refresh with a cold beer and the local cuisine.

DSC_0841ea Continue reading “I LOVE THE ALPS (part 1)”