Hola Amsterdam

On thursday morning I woke up feeling adventurous and the need to visit somewhere special. I literally went to my google maps app trying to find a spot I wanted to go. Because I did not have my hiking shoes with me I did not feel like going to a national park. I went on instagram and saw a picture of a skating rink in Amsterdam and it looked so magical that I wanted to see it with my own eyes. I looked up trains, which took over three hours to get me there but it really did not matter for me, I was excited nevertheless. I took the tram to the Rijksmuseum/museumplein where the skating rink was at, walked around but did not get on though. Too many people on the ice and doing it by yourself is not as much fun. I took a detour walking to the city centre because I wanted to take many pictures of the canals and houses. Eventually I crashed at Starbucks for some caffeine and wifi, and to top that odd they handed out free coffeeshots and croissants filled wih vanilla custard. When the sun was setting I took the train back home, looking over amsterdam during sunset might have been the best moment of the day. 

Love, Jess Insta