Christmas break

First of all, best wishes to all of you! Lets hope it is a year filled with more adventures, moments of unstoppable laughter and always seeking to make the right decisions, even if they scare the bajeezles out of you.

Let us catch up on December and Christmas break, shall we? At the beginning of this month I took a trip to Paris and Disneyland. Crowd-wise, Paris was not that bad. It had the wonderful christmas decorations up, but if was not as busy compared to christmas break last year. Disneyland on the other hand was so crowded that we ended up not getting the most out of our time, plus the fact that a lot of attractions broke down, it was not the best combination.

We visited my favorite museum, musee d’orsay, went to the Notre dame, a christmas market, – including mulled wine and a little orchestra playing songs for the public – and sat down in cute little coffee places. Disneyland was beautifully decorated, had gorgeous shows and costumes and was just the perfect little getaway as well.



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Giving thanks

dsc_0437eaEight years ago, while living in northern Texas, I was introduced to the holiday of Thanksgiving. Unsure what it was exactly about, I was excited about the time we got off from school, and the preparations of food I was witnessing. Now, almost a decade later I am a little sad I don’t get to celebrate it, because the meaning of this festivity is so beautiful! Focusing on the good in life, the little things we are surrounded with that carry smiles to our faces. Each day should be a day were we are thankful for the life we are given and all blessings around us. Some days are difficult or too much to handle, and happiness seems to be so far away. But be aware, you are always surrounded by blessings in disguise. So today, tomorrow and next week, be thankful for little and big things. For family, friends, your pets, a glass of wine or cup of coffee. Whatever may give you a smile or makes your day brighter, stay thankful. Enjoy the company, the food and your day off.

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All that glitters is not gold


Not all that shines is gold, nor all that glows is silver

Sometimes, when I wander off with my thoughts and I am being a little pessimistic about life, I wonder if I am the only one that doesn’t have her life altogether. Scrolling through my Facebook or Instagram feed I see pictures of smiling people. Smiling girls. Girls who look fit, who have boyfriends, a big group of family or friends right next to them. Who go to college and finish their degrees in time. Those who wake up feeling happy and energized.


Thinking about it, I don’t believe that they have it all together. I don’t (want to) believe that their lives are as bubbly as it seems. I am convinced that FB and Instagram can be the thief of joy. We need to filter in our heads what we are seeing, or how other people portret themselves. There is a need to realize and understand that what we like to share with the world are joyful moments. Because we need to prove everything is alright. We are handling life just great, right? Honestly, who wants to see pictures of sad people or selfies with mascara running down your cheeks? Just because what you see looks like happiness, doesn’t equal to the feelings that person has.

Today, I dare you to look at your social media with a different perspective. Perhaps that picture that they posted was the only joyful moment they experienced this week. What you see is not always what you get. That smile you see? It may be erased from their face the second the camera goes away. We think we know it all, but the truth is, we really don’t. We are not aware of how people around us are struggling. So for once, comment on that picture, or like someones post. Share in their joy, or cry with them through the difficult times. There is this annoying song  – that will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day – ”were all in this together”. We ARE ALL in this TOGETHER. For the good and bad times. Be the joy in someone else’s life today. Share a smile, a sandwich or a cup of coffee today. Because all that glitters ain’t gold, honey.

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whatsapp-image-2016-11-14-at-15-30-29Technically, yesterday was my birthday, but I keep my tradition of writing important mile stone posts a day later. Why? Because on the day itself it never really hits me. Same with new years, I write my new years resolution a couple of days into January, because I need time to think about what just happened. But yesterday, I gained one year of life experience, one year with 365 new clean pages to add bright colors to.  Continue reading “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY”